June 20, 2012

Paper Greeting Card Gift Box

This morning while I was doing a Google search on paper greeting cards holders, I came upon a tutorial for a gift card box.  I'm always amazed by how creative these people are by taking a few sheets of cardstock and embellishments to make something that looks good enough to be sold at a store.  The best way to learn is always a hands-on approach so I took out my paper crafting supplies and got busy.

June 14, 2012

San Mateo Central Park and Downtown Portrait Photography | Sylvia

Sylvia and I go way back to when we were just kids.  As cousins, we were inseparable whenever together.  We'll have sleepovers at each other's houses and stay up late to bake, play games, or watch t.v.  When it came time for me to choose my maid of honor, she was the clear choice.  To this day Sylvia continues to be an avid baker, even doing freelance work by making her fabulous confections for events and parties.  You can follow her work at Did You Eat Yet?

Originally, I wanted to do some portraits at San Mateo's Central Park, but once we got there we realized that the place closes at 4:00.  Oops!  We ended up shooting around the park for a bit before walking over to the downtown area for some shots.

June 1, 2012

Berkeley Tilden Botanical Garden & Downtown Engagement Photography | Angelica & Seth

Angelica and Seth are book lovers, and they wanted to incorporate the theme into some of their engagement photos.  We first went to the Botanical Garden at Berkeley's Tilden Regional Park for some nature shots.  The park closes at 5:00, but for some reason that day they made an announcement over the loud speaker 20 minutes before 5:00 that they were closing so we didn't get the chance to explore as much of the garden.  Since the couple's theme for the wedding is books, we went to Moe's Books in downtown Berkeley for the second half of the shoot.  It was great to see how much fun the couple had duing the entire time.  I look forward to shooting their wedding in late August!