July 22, 2016

San Jose Kelley Park Japanese Friendship Garden Family Photography | Rui Family

Say hello to the Rui family!  Their son G recently finished third grade with me, and I had the pleasure of photographing him and his family at Kelley Park and the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose.  I always enjoy doing photo sessions for my former students and their families because it gives me a chance to see the kids outside of school (which I've heard they're very different from being at school) and get to know the families better.  It was a warm day to be in San Jose, but the place was absolutely beautiful.

July 15, 2016

Fremont Coyote Hills Regional Park Children Photography | Avery 2-year Session

When we did Avery's 1-year-old session she wasn't quite walking yet so for her 2-year-old session we definitely wanted to give her free range and show off those walking (even running) skills of hers.  Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont has a nice water area with a wooden walkway but there's also a larger area for people to hike and bike through.  After we did photos of Avery sitting in the chair she did not want to sit anymore for the rest of the session.