July 26, 2015

Menlo Park Family Photography | Pon Family

Last week was a heat wave in the Bay Area for a couple of days, and the weather on Sunday wasn't that much cooler.  When I first arrived at Sharon Park in Menlo Park it was pretty sunny and warm, but once we started the session the clouds came in and created some nice even lighting, which is a photographer's ideal environment.

I had a wonderful time shooting the family's first session last year around the holiday season so I'm always grateful when former families and couples ask me to do another session for them.  This session was more for the grandparents, and I had even more fun just watching the family's dynamics and seeing how much they enjoyed each others' company.  There were a lot of laughing most definitely.

July 17, 2015

San Francisco Newborn Family Photography | Subramanian Family

Last week I drove on the new Bay Bridge for the very first time (yeah, I'm almost 2 years behind) to do a newborn and family session in San Francisco.  Say hello to the Subramanian family!  Baby girl M was so adorable with her arm movements and different facial expressions, especially her yawns.  Poor little girl was so exhausted when we finished two hours later that she was definitely ready for a nap.