December 26, 2012

San Jose Hello Kitty Baby Shower

December has been quite a busy month with the holidays to prepare for and lots of family shoots.  On top of that I wanted to throw a baby shower for a member of the family, which gave me a chance to take out my Cricut to create the invites, party sign, favors, and cupcake decorations.  Since it'll be a girl I decided to go with a pink Hello Kitty theme, and much to my surprise, the Hello Kitty cutouts had many tiny pieces.  It was all worth it though.

December 16, 2012

Vallejo St. Vincent Ferrer Fairfield Delta Breeze Club Wedding | JulieAnne & Darius

Seems like it was not that long ago that we did the engagement session for JulieAnne and Darius, but after months of preparation it was finally their big day.  Lucky for us it stayed pretty dry for most of the day since it was supposed to rain. 

The green and white colors were incorporated really nicely into all the details.  I especially loved their cake topper, which matched their Disneyworld honeymoon.

Ceremony:  St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Vallejo
Reception:  Delta Breeze Club, Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield
DJ:  David Gomez of Sound Wave Mobile DJ


December 6, 2012

Palo Alto Gamble Garden Family Photography | Phan Family

Gamble Garden in Palo Alto is a popular spot for family photos, especially in the fall when the leaves are all sorts of bright colors.  With the rainy weather on the weekends, we were lucky to get some nice weather on a Sunday morning for the Phan family. 

I'm so glad that mommy was well prepared and brought a lot of toys to keep the girls entertained.  I especially love the big lollipop that both girls couldn't keep away from!  They're so adorable!  I truly enjoyed my time with the Phan family.

December 3, 2012

San Jose Kelley Park Japanese Friendship Garden Family Photography | McCord Family

The fall season is such a wonderful time to get your holidays photos done, especially when the leaves are all sorts of bright colors.  In the summer when I shot at Kelley Park's Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose for Vi and Quang's engagement session, everything was very green with some lovely sun light in the background.  For the McCord's session, we had a different feel as there were lots of trees with orange, red, and yellow colored leaves.  All these colors created a nice fall environment.

It was great seeing the family as one of the girls was a student of mine a few years ago.  One of the joys of teaching is seeing your students grow up, and I definitely enjoyed seeing how much the girls have grown.