May 24, 2012

Foster City Portrait Photography | Kimmy

For my mentoring session with Chung of Chung Li Photography he chose a location in Foster City that allowed us to do some shots indoors and some outdoors.  You can tell Chung is a master of his craft because he was very technical and meticulous about everything, from the background and the lighting on the person's face to posing the subject so that he/she looks as photogenic and natural as possible.  There were a lot of details that can certainly make a big difference when done right.

I first met Kimmy through her husband Garrett who I've known since middle school.  Later, I discovered that Kimmy does freelance hair and makeup for weddings and events so we connected with each other.  She also teaches figure skating at Ice Center at Cupertino, which was where I spent a lot of my time training when I used to skate.  Thanks again Kimmy for a great session!

May 14, 2012

Sneak Peek Foster City Portrait Photography | Kimmy

After work last Friday I met up with Chung from Chung Li Photography for a mentoring session, and Kimmy was kind enough to be our model.  It was a beautiful day, and the lighting was absolutely gorgeous.  If you ever need your hair and makeup done for weddings or special occasions, Kimmy does freelance work in those areas.

May 4, 2012

Paper Flower Pot Thank You Card

The other night I took out my Cricut and began making a card for my school's secretary in honor of Administrative Professionals Day last week.  It's been awhile since I've been crafty, and I forgot how hard it was to decide on which papers to use.  That was at least a 20 minute ordeal as I sifted through my stacks of papers and cardstock trying to find the right pieces.  And then there were the shapes that I had to find on my Cricut catridges.  Do I have the flower pattern?  Yes.  Do I have the flower pot pattern?  Yes.  Do I have the leaves?  Interestingly, none of my catridges have a string of leaves that I wanted to add to the flowers so I ended up going with a vine look.  After a few hours, it was finally done.  The next day I had all my kids sign the inside of the card.

The inspiration of the card came from my room mom who made a similar one for my birthday (seen on her blog A Fresh Take on Paper).  She's such a talented paper crafter.